February 21, 2012

Malaysia close to Thomas Cup

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

One of the most issues in SPORT today is THOMAS CLUB.

Malaysia has success to put his name in the semi final of the badminton tournament of Thomas Cup after be a winner in group D. This is so awesome!

Who knows, Malaysian has beat South Korea with 3-2 during the last game in the Group D yesterday. I also don't expect that our badminton squad, Koo Kien Keat -Tan Beng Heong and Goh V Shem- Lim Khim Wah have won and scratch the reputation of South Korean players that most people know that they are really great and has good reputation.   

More than that, the glory of Dato Lee Chong Wei in single game had increase the spirit of other squad group to hit the Korean.

Malaysian badminton trainer, Tan Kim Her said  that he was very satisfied with the achievement of his trainees. Before this, he want to separate between the double player athlete, Kien Kiat- Boon Heong, however, because of his believe to both of them, and he planned to increase the spirit and confident of the players, he give them opportunity to play and they were succeed .

What is actually attract my interest to like this game, because it is not enough by training only for the player to win,it is not only about physical, but it may include how to control the emotional of the player, confident among player and motivation.

The good player not only good in physical condition but they must know how to manage their emotion and play with strategy.

Trainers maybe the best persons who know the players. why? because he is the one who train the player to be good in physical and mental.

i believe that, without the good mental training the players may easily defeated by opponents.


psychology is need here..

I think i has nothing to give more, hehehe, so i wish they will win the Thomas Cup =) .. ALL THE BEST MALAYSIAN !!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

source: SUKAN MALAYA and Berita Harian (Monday, 20 February 2012)

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dino said...

wow, sports and psychology?

but, our daily activities are related with psychology right?? ^_^

kadang-kadang moody, kadang-kadang happy terlebih. hahah